Three opportunities of Digital Transformation: AI, IoT and Blockchain

The emerging technologies of artificial intelligence (AI), the Internet of Things (IoT), and blockchain represent an exponential power of three opportunities for private enterprise as well as the public sector. Enterprises capable of exploiting these technologies will use them to optimize and enhance existing processes, create new business processing models, and develop innovative products and services for a new generation of consumers/users. They do not represent a technology-enabled future that is decades away; these technologies are available today to build the businesses of tomorrow, based upon how fast the technologies and their development environments mature and become interoperable.

Figure 1–1: AI, IoT, and blockchain: connected trustful insights
Figure 1–2: IoT connected to the cloud
Figure 1–2: IoT connected to the cloud
Figure 1–3: Blockchain, the trusted centre of the new Internet Web3, integrates processing with the IoT and AI
Figure 1–4: The progress of emerging technologies
Figure 1–5: AI, the IoT, and warfare: today’s military environment
Figure 1–6: Moore’s law: The number of components on an integrated circuit doubles every year.
Figure 1–7: Koomey’s law: The energy efficiency of computation doubles roughly every one and a half years.
Figure 1–8: Metcalf’s law: The value of a network increases exponentially with regard to the number of its nodes.
Figure 1–9: AI, the IoT, and blockchain work together in a system, similar to how interconnected organic processes control the human body’s function as a whole.
Figure 1–10: The IoT and the central nervous system
Figure 1–11: The flow of IoT data using the cloud
Figure 1–12: IoT server data flow
Figure 1–13: Blockchain is a distributed trusted information technology



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