Our plan of marketing freedom by google marketing and mass media in Europe

Market information distribution is affected by the google marketers on search engine and mass media’s posting on news platforms. The business fictions and fake news are usually more interesting than a real information and as usually we have the difficulties to write, explain, save and storing distribute informations. The original informations is occulted by chaos and miss-informations including the non-sense content of many journalists just typing something without really know or proof of informations.

What are the problem of distribute informations?

Normally is an habit of mass media distributions, softwares distributions, social media distributions, and many kind of business distributions to use google search only or as main source because of the traffic of the google users. It is clear, if you not using google you not visible or you look bad “you can’t sell anything”.

Our project of distribute informations

We developing a social media, a search engine and a mass media in order to obtain freedom by foreign platforms and business of informations distributions, we really work in a way that 3th parties interactions is not necessary or useful for our distribution or even more damaging our main sharing activity.

In Conclusion

Even if the idea is totally unclear right now because of many situations going on, softwares are already available, and we clearly finished.



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